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C&DMRS is part of the community is Corby and its surrounding districts. As such the society will undertake a project that will benefit local residents, who have particular needs.

In May 2015 the society started fundraising to support a little girl called Alliza-Lily, who lives close to the club house.

The aim is to create a sensory garden that is level and fenced off, with artificial grass, a mud kitchen, tyre mountain (for climbing on and as planters), seating, chimes, solar lights, music & chalk boards, plants and the obligatory water feature!
A kind donation of some tyres has been gratefully received already.


Alliza-Lily posing for the camera whilst playing outside

Photo: Alliza-Lily's family

When Alliza-Lily was 6 days old, she turned blue and lifeless whilst at home and was rushed to hospital.

After a few days at the local hospital, she was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where she was diagnosed with Hyperinsulinism, the overproduction of insulin causing hypoglycaemia.
For more information about this condition see the The Children's Hyperinsulinism Fund website.

Subsequently Alliza-Lily has also been diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Coffin-Siris Syndrome. CSS affects various body systems such as lax joints, low muscle tone, feeding difficulties, mental and physical development delays, along with respiratory infections etc., all of which effect Alliza-Lily.

Alliza-Lily's daily life comprises a strict feeding regime to help control blood sugars along with medication, physiotherapy for gross and fine motor skills and assistance with communication/eating/playing/getting around etc..

Alliza-Lily is a happy little girl, with great determination and loves to explore the environment around her. She gets around the house either by crawling or using her walking frame.

Exploring outdoors is more difficult as the garden at home is not safe for her to move about freely. The ground is uneven, especially where the path meets the grass and there are drops of various sizes, up to 6 inches.

Unfortunately Alliza-Lily has no spatial awareness and as such has no sense of danger. She sees where she wants to go and just goes for it, without assessing the area around her.
This has led to a few incidents where she has nearly toppled over in her walking frame; hence she has spent very little time outdoors playing, which is something she needs for her development.

If you'd like to help Alliza-Lily you can make a donation at or at an event where C&DMRS is attending, as a donation bucket is taken to all events.
If you'd like to help with the on site works, get in touch with C&DMRS to see when some physical works are being undertaken.

This project is also supported by Corby VCS

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