The society constantly strives to improve its facilities and, as such, various projects are always ongoing.

Below are a few of those that are planned for 2020.


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Planned Projects 2020

Revamp of Modelling Room
For years we have been concentrating on the outdoor projects and neglecting indoors. This year sees a radical change in focus and a shift towards modelling.
Part of this means the modelling room needs attention with a drastic reduction in the amount of stored items in the room.

The Great Model Railway Challenge layout "Terra Profugus" has replaced the storage rack at the far end. Members are being asked to take their layouts home if they aren't working on them or have finished them, this all helps with space allocation should other members require somewhere to start their layouts.

Trailer Shed
The storage inside the trailer shed is being sorted to allow the trailers to be finally stored under cover when not in use.
This also means movement of timber and sheet materials into a more consolidated area.

Store House
This will be a small hut styled as an engine shed to store various items used for our on site events. This means that the garage can be utilised fully.

Tunnel/Carriage shed
After the removal of the existing tunnel structure, a new building will go in its place which will be styled as a goods shed, housing the outside tracks carriages to keep them out of the worst of the weather.

Kelmarsh - OO
The society received communication from Kelmarsh Hall concerning the possibility of a layout depicting coal for an event they are preparing to launch later in the year. After a brief consultation on site with the event organisers, a layout plan was devised and construction commenced that day.

The plan is for a double sided layout. One side showing a coal loading facility in which 2 locomotives will shuttle wagons in and out of the loaders, the other side will have a condensed trackplan and representation of Kelmarsh Station. A single coal train will run continuously around the layout throughout the day.

The society has also been asked to construct a pit head and winding house based on Bestwood Colliery in Nottinghamshire. An information stand at the far end of the layout will give visitors details on the layout and the society.



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