The Society has a number of layouts which can be booked out for exhibitions, ranging in scale and gauge from N through to G gauge.

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Club Layouts
Layouts marked ** are available for exhibitions. Please contact the club for more details.

Terra Profugus - OO
10ft x 5ft
As seen on The Great Model Railway Challenge - Series 2 Episode 1 - 2019, this layout was constructed to the theme of Restless Earth.
The challenge presented some unique and often overlooked aspects of modelling and presented the team with a fresh perspective on what can be achieved using simple techniques.
Constructed over 3 days of filming and was declared the winner of the heat.
The layout has not been altered in any way since filming.

Trockel Quarry - G **
12ftx 6ft (requires 14ft x 6ft operating space) 
A freelance narrow gauge shunting layout with a tramway feeding both featured industries. Stone and timber is the main traffic of this layout. The timber mill has an operating circular saw and the stone works has operating loaders.

Unnamed OO9 (under reconstruction)
This sleepy village is sometimes woken by the sound of blasting from the nearby mines, the only other loud noises come from the cattle market near the station.
A lot of the buildings are based on prototypes in Rothwell, Northamptonshire. Indeed a number of them are recognisable, such as the old Rothwell Fire Station.

Kelvin Grove to Thompson Street - OO
Formerly known as Mile End
20ft x 2ft (requires 20ft x 4ft operating space) 
London Underground based, this layout can be set in two time periods covering the 80's and 2000's.
EFE stock is utilised in the 80s era and it's S stock replacements can be seen for the 2000's. Road vehicles are changed to suit.

Recently this layout has seen a slight revamp with one of the yard boards being developed into an extension of the layout.
This part of the layout is known as Thompson Street with the existing scenic section being named Kelvin Grove.

Hammerford - OO **
9ft x 18in (requires 9ft x 4ft operating space) 
Hammerford is a small halt on a junction. Serving two local industries, the layout is based primarily in the late 60's to late 70's

Hammerford West - OO (under construction) **
6ft x 3ft
Built primarily as an extension to Hammerford, but can operate independently, this busy layout boasts plenty of scratch built models, including a rendition of the Society headquarters complete with 5" gauge miniature railway.

Unnamed O Gauge (under construction)
A quiet small town terminus. This rural location has limited goods activity but enjoys a good amount of shunting movements.

Coffee Table - OO **
3ft x 3ft
A simple round and round layout, which was designed to show that you can create a layout even in the smallest of areas.




Member Layouts

Wiston Pond - OO - Kevin Emsley **
3ft x 18in (7ft x 18in including yard)
A quiet terminal station where locomotives can be refuelled, and small goods trains service the town.


Alpmas Bahn - Z - Kevin Emsley
5ft x 2ft
German-Bavarian layout with a Christmas market

Lathaichean sa Ghrein - N - Francis Rossi **
5ft x 2ft
Scottish theme solar powered layout. Designed for portability and for audience participation. Drive it yourself.

Birch Creek - N - Francis Rossi **
6ft x 3ft
American action in the smaller scale. Based on scenic elements of Illinois and Minnesota, this small layout boasts trains can belie its size.

Batts Corner - OO - Francis Rossi **
8ft x 1ft (requires 8ft x 4ft operating space)
A small layout with plenty of cameos and things to see, not just the trains.

New Valley - OO - Will Welby (Under construction)
A fictional section of West Coast mainline.
A new set of sidings are being installed alongside the mainline.


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