Corby West Glebe Miniature Railway

The Societies 5 inch gauge elevated railway has existed in one form or another for many years. From its early days as a dual gauge raised track, through to dual gauge ground level, and finally returning to raised, the society has endeavoured to keep this miniature railway operational.


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The railway is operated and maintained by the members of Corby and District Model Railway Society, some of whom own locomotives suitable for use on passenger carrying services, while others are purely for training or the owners enjoyment.

We have host a number of events during the year, most notably our Halloween and Christmas Specials, enjoying reasonable success with the general populace. 2018 saw a grand total of 138,000 lights being erected for our Santa Express trains.
Such events sometimes draw the attention of the media. 2018's Christmas services saw BBC Radio Northampton visit the railway to discuss operations and the history of the society and our plans for the future.
Each year we strive to improve on the previous year.

2019's Christmas event was again visited by Radio Northampton and boasted 380,000 lights

So keep an eye on our calendar for our Open Running Days and our titled events.
These will also be advertised via our Facebook page.


The miniature railway began in the 60's with a dual gauge raised track. This was enjoyed by many generations until the track fell into disrepair. Over subsequent years the railway was most forgotten by the local populace until it was decided to revive the attraction.

Work started on clearing out the remains of the track, which were beyond salvage, and  a new ground level track was installed. Plans were submitted for 7 1/4", 5" and 3 1/2" gauges and a dual gauge consisting of 5" and 3 1/2" was agreed.

This lasted for a number of years before work began again, this time to elevate the track which was deemed safer and easier to maintain.
During these works the decision was made to remove the 3 1/2" gauge track as it was hardly used. This left just the 5" track that we have today.

Ground works have been slowly undertaken to improve the surroundings and planned maintenance keeps the railway running for the public and members to safely travel and operate.



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