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The Corby & District Model Railway Society was founded in 1965 and held its first meetings in the Tinderbox room of the Corby Candle public house.

In 1966 C&DMRS held its first exhibition and moved into an ex-Home Guard hut/building in West Glebe Park. The building was used for many years until it was deemed unusable on Health and Safety grounds and was replaced by the current building, thus securing a future for the society.


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The society has enjoyed varied success over the years and sought to progress further. In this we have recreated our 5" gauge ride on miniature railway, Corby West Glebe Miniature Railway, and increased the associated facilities. Recent years have seen the premises open to the public with various events.

2020 now sees the society presented with a new challenge which could dictate the future of the society in its present form. We have proved to be rather resilient and look forward to the challenge.

For a number of years in the 1970s, a locomotive was kept at the C&DMRS  site, before moving onto a number of preservation sites.
It is believed that the locomotive (Stewarts & Lloyds № 24) is currently located at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway.

In April 1971 № 24 had been taken out of use due to damage to its motion. The locomotive was then moved to the C&DMRS site.

Photo G A Cryer
Stewarts & Lloyds № 24 at Corby & District Model Railway Society on 23rd
March 1974.

№ 24 is a surviving "Odd man out' as it is one of the Hunslet '50550' series with 18in x 24in cylinders originally intended for the ill-fated 'Islip ore development scheme'.
This series of locomotives effectively became the prototypes for what is known as the "WD Austerity" locomotives, more information can be found on the Industrial Railway Society's website.

When sent to Corby Works, № 24 (Hunslet № 2411 of 1941) was used on the Ore Bank and later worked the hot iron ladles or "ladies" between blast furnaces and steel making plants; before № 24 was used on tube works duties - all jobs on which the locomotive's additional power was useful.
Besides being altered to oil firing this engine was also modified by moving the previously underhung springs to new positions above the axle boxes.

This locomotive is currently being restored at the Swindon and Cricklade Railway.

Please Note: This locomotive is not to be mistaken for the locomotive purchased by Corby Urban District Council for installation as a childrens' attraction in West Glebe Park. This second locomotive was subsequently removed from West Glebe Park and can be found at East Carlton Country Park.



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